Monday, March 9, 2015


Hey y'all! I just had a crazy weekend! I had choir competition, and I am currently running on pure exhaustion. Even though this weekend was mostly filled with singing and dancing and not sleeping, I did get one step further in my project.  About a week ago I emailed a GLA rep with various questions about personal donations. She responded with a bunch of answers! She led me on the path of donating school related items. I will be looking into Spanish/English books to bring with me as well as a few soccer balls. Another thing I spoke with her about was when/how the children will get the donations. I made it clear to her that I wanted the relationship I make with community to be as genuine as possible. In saying that, I would rather the donations be given to them after I leave. This would be in an efforts to have more of a meaningful relationship rather than one based on material goods. She seemed very much on the same page as me on that issue.

Having a stronger idea of what I'm wanting to donate, this next week will be all about "how?". I hope to have a more definite plan for my upcoming blog.

P. S
I got fitted for a new Osprey backpacking daypack, and I got some new hiking boots for the trip!!

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