Monday, February 23, 2015

What are their needs?

Over the past week I was in Mexico! That vacation get me thinking about my trip, and I have been so excited about it all. A couple of days ago we books my flight. When we booked the flight it started to get real for me. I cannot believe that I will actually be going to Costa Rica with the GLA for three weeks. Even though I am a pretty seasoned traveler when it comes to international travel I am still pretty nervous about going alone.

I've felt like I've made progress on my travel aspect of my project, but as far as my donation part I feel like I am at a stand still. It has been hard for me to decide how I am going to gather materials and even more how I will manage to get them down to Costa Rica when I have them. Also figuring out what the community will benifit from the most is a hard thing to find out. The representatives at the GLA are helpful, but they are very busy. It takes them a while to respond back to my emails and provide the answers I am hoping for. I am hoping to cater my project to the needs of the people in the community that I will be visiting so my prayer for this next week is that I will figure out what those needs arehas been taking me a while to figure out what those needs are. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Forms, forms, and more forms

Last week was crazy. The mock trial project we had in English class really threw me for a loop! And to be honest that was the main thing on my mind for those few days. Now that that is done and over with I have a clear mind to focus on my 20 time project.

So what have I done? Well, I've been mostly figuring out the logistics of my trip. I've been filling out forms after forms after forms. Many consisting of questions my physical and mental health, my travel experience, and so much more. We have been  rearranging the schedule for this summer to figure out when this three weeks trip will best fit in.  So really, all of this accounts to a bunch of things that I don't need to bore you with!  I hope to update you with some more interesting things this upcoming blog post!