Monday, December 15, 2014

Its getting real

Guys, It's getting real!! Over the past week I've been working on my application. This past weekend I officially sent it in, we put a down payment, and chose the course. There were a few essays that I had to write (I still have to finish up one or two of them), but other than that it was a breeze. A rep from the GLA contacted me, and filled me in on all of the things we will be doing in Costa Rica! He said that after I finish sending in my essays I will know if I am accepted in the program within a week. As far as the other half of the project, I've been mostly brainstorming. This week I am planning on talking with someone from the GLA, and figuring out what I could bring down to Costa Rica to help the people and community the most. I've been thinking about shoes, or soccer balls. Hopefully, I will have a better idea this upcoming blog post as to what my plan will be!

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