Monday, November 10, 2014

First Post

When I heard about 20 time I knew right away that I wanted to help people through my project. At first I wanted to raise money to send to my Aunt Ione's orphan feeding center in Africa, but I didn't know what exactly the money would be going towards. So after thinking, I decided I wanted to have more of a "hands-on" experience. I found an organization called the GLA (Global Leadership Adventures) which is essentially the Peace Corps, but for teenagers. This is an organization where teens from all over the world get together to travel and help less fortunate countries. They have programs on every continent ranging from reforestation in Costa Rica to teaching English to children in Bali. I haven't decided which program I want to apply for, but I am in correspondence with a woman at the GLA to figure that out. My goal this year is to raise money to fund my service trip through various fundraising events (which I have not decided on yet). I am hoping to apply the specific program within the next week or so.

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