Monday, November 17, 2014

Choices, choices

Choices, choices... I am trying to choose between Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, or Peru. The variety of cultures make each country so unique and interesting. The service projects in Guatemala consists of building/ refurbishing local classrooms, and interacting with the local children by organizing activities. In the Dominican Republic we would be planting cacao trees, building schools from recycled materials to assist in the development of agriculture and reforestation. Also we would be making relationships with the children and visiting Haitian Resettlement villages. While in Costa Rica we would be empowering rainforest communities, and work on family organic coffee farms while building structures with "eco- bricks". Also, in Peru we would be in The Sacred Valley building clean- burning stoves, build a greenhouse at the local school, and plant vegetable gardens. Also, we would teach the locals about traditional medicinal plants. I am currently talking with a representative from the GLA about the cost of the trips and the application process. I am hoping that by this Friday I will have my program chosen, and my application started. Wish me luck!

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