Monday, November 24, 2014

Slight change of plans

Hey guys! I have spent my weekend trying to decide on which program I want to apply for. After much deliberation it is official, drum roll please... I am going to Costa Rica! While in Costa Rica for 21 days I will spend my time building schools and other building made from Eco-bricks. We will also work on family coffee farms and learn about building a sustainable world. I am also applying for the Spanish language immersion program while there. The GLA (Global Leadership Adventures) will allow me to spend time with the locals of Costa Rica each day to learn Spanish.

After picking Costa Rica I thought about how exactly I was going to raise the money to go on the trip: expenses of travel, airfare, and the actual tuition. However, it all seemed to be quite selfish. I didn't want my project to be people in our community paying for me to go on this trip. Eventhough it is a service trip it just didn't feel right to me. After speaking to my parents they have decided that they are willing to loan me the money for the trip and I will pay them back as soon as I can.  So even though that was figured out, I then I had the challenge of deciding on what my project would be.

My plan is to contact a company and see if I could start a "Get one, Give one" program.  I could talk to a shoe company or a tee shirt company and sell that item around the community. For example, with each purchase of a tee shirt I will bring one tee shirt to the children's in Costa Rica. My hope is that  I will to be able to bring something (hopefully many things) down to Costa Rica when I go this summer to give to the children. This week I will be contacting companies to see if anyone would be interested in helping me!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Choices, choices

Choices, choices... I am trying to choose between Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, or Peru. The variety of cultures make each country so unique and interesting. The service projects in Guatemala consists of building/ refurbishing local classrooms, and interacting with the local children by organizing activities. In the Dominican Republic we would be planting cacao trees, building schools from recycled materials to assist in the development of agriculture and reforestation. Also we would be making relationships with the children and visiting Haitian Resettlement villages. While in Costa Rica we would be empowering rainforest communities, and work on family organic coffee farms while building structures with "eco- bricks". Also, in Peru we would be in The Sacred Valley building clean- burning stoves, build a greenhouse at the local school, and plant vegetable gardens. Also, we would teach the locals about traditional medicinal plants. I am currently talking with a representative from the GLA about the cost of the trips and the application process. I am hoping that by this Friday I will have my program chosen, and my application started. Wish me luck!

Monday, November 10, 2014

First Post

When I heard about 20 time I knew right away that I wanted to help people through my project. At first I wanted to raise money to send to my Aunt Ione's orphan feeding center in Africa, but I didn't know what exactly the money would be going towards. So after thinking, I decided I wanted to have more of a "hands-on" experience. I found an organization called the GLA (Global Leadership Adventures) which is essentially the Peace Corps, but for teenagers. This is an organization where teens from all over the world get together to travel and help less fortunate countries. They have programs on every continent ranging from reforestation in Costa Rica to teaching English to children in Bali. I haven't decided which program I want to apply for, but I am in correspondence with a woman at the GLA to figure that out. My goal this year is to raise money to fund my service trip through various fundraising events (which I have not decided on yet). I am hoping to apply the specific program within the next week or so.